The Sun as a legal textbook

A little while ago I went to Rochester Grammar School as part of their careers programme to talk about Family Law as a career but to make it more interesting I called the talk “how to make a profitable career as a Footballer’s wife” and put family law in that context. It was good fun but the School got really sniffy when I asked whether I could send out a Press Release entitled “grammar girls get careers advice to be footballers’ wives” as it was “inappropriate” for the ethos of the school. I do quite a lot of careers work with schools and it’s a real eye-opener as Kent still has selective Grammar schools.  It is immediately obvious to me in the various classes I have spoken to that the brightest in the mixed ability schools are held back substantially by the disaffected majority but I’m getting used to using the Sun newspaper as my textbook to get them to see the impact of law in their lives on a day to day basis and it does seem to work!

Originally published May 2010


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