Facebook can catch you!

It would appear that wherever you are the Courts can catch-up with you.

Following a claim for over-paid commission by a former employee, Mr Justice Teare granted brokerage firm, Traditional Financial Services (TFS), permission to serve Court proceedings by Facebook.

The broker in question worked for TFS until 2010 and after his departure one of the company’s clients sued TFS for over-charging.

This is the first known use of the social media site for this type of action.  The argument here being that the broker’s current address was unknown but he was a regular Facebook user, could positively be identified and this gave the Courts’ power under the Civil Procedure Rules (Part 6) to serve proceedings by an alternative method where there is good reason.

This is something of a precedent that begs the question why is there no “unlike” button on Facebook.

You have been warned!


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1 Response to Facebook can catch you!

  1. David Rosen says:

    Some people may think this is an intrusion on privacy but you will, as solicitors, also be aware, that many defendants play games when it comes to service of documents, so it’s fair enough that where service is proving difficult, and someone is active on facebook, imputing notice takes place.

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