Grocer offering legal advice?

Following the much publicised launch of another High Street initiative aiming at “popularising” legal services, South East Business News (July 2012), has predicted the sound of the death knells for the smaller legal practice. Tina Williams of City law firm Fox Williams is quoted as saying “(Legal) Firms which have relied on their place in the High Street to generate business will find it very tough to compete with a competitively priced and well marketed household name moving into their area…”.

Whilst competition can be seen as a positive benefit to a consumer, unfortunately legal services are not a commodity. Each case is different and, here at Stantons, we are already taking calls from clients dissatisfied with the advice and service received from lower or fixed priced suppliers and having been left to pick up the pieces from their experience.

We of course share the aim to offer legal services at competitive rates but anybody looking to commission family law services as a “package deal” needs to understand the implications of that route.  If all goes well and there are no unforeseen obstacles, like who gets custody of the cat or how much financial support should the house husband get for the children, then the “package deal” can work.  However, if either partner changes their mind mid-process or more complex issues arise, then the package deal pricing goes out of the window!

Smaller firms, like Stantons, pride themselves on a personal tailored service for each client, not a one size fits all approach.  We recommend that, if you need family law advice, you speak to a specialist, after all you wouldn’t ask a grocer to service your car now, would you?


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