In Suri Cruise’s Shoes?

So Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are splitting up – no surprises there.

The terms of the Pre-Nup are dusted off and reinterpreted – no surprises there.

Katie Holmes avows in the press to seek “sole custody” of their one child.

Suri (now 6) was of course just one of the required acquisitions of a celebrity couple, a child who clutched her Gucci not her blankie when out in public, and who (unless Louboutin is moving forward very fast) has never had the joy of the Clark’s Startrite fitting machine.

This doll-like possession is therefore up for grabs, for winning or losing, just like the houses and the cars, and it is therefore no surprise either that one parent’s first battle move is to claim that possession to the exclusion of the other.

How can we get the message through to separating parents that, not only do their children always belong to both of them, but that both parents belong to their child and that to remove one parent from a child’s life is (except in the most extreme circumstances) stealing from that child half of their past, present and future.


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