TomKat – A model divorce.

Well, let’s just take a step back a minute.

It would appear that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have agreed terms for their divorce, amicably, in 11 days. In doing so they have avoided the humungous court costs and deprived the paparazzi of the salacious details of their relationship, its breakdown and, most importantly, protected daughter Suri, from the indignity and stress of being another celebrity chattel. If the reported terms of their settlement are to be believed, while Cruise has been granted significant contact rights, the issue of his beliefs in Scientology have been deemed as ‘off-limits’ to their daughter in the immediate future.
From a family law perspective this scenario not only represents a refreshing change not just for a celebrity divorce but for divorce as a whole.

The couple have accepted the breakdown in their relationship.
They have taken advice and counselling
The matter of daughter, Suri’s wellbeing has taken precedence over any clamour for finger wagging and accusation.

And they all lived happily afterwards …….hopefully!


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